The machines and technology for cold-forming of flexible pipe from coils of sheet steel with automated spiral welds. Plate Welded Steel Pipe is available in wide ranges of sizes and properties of the steel.

The requirements of buried flexible Plate Welded Steel Pipe are: strength, ease of installation, high flow capacity, leak resistance, long service life, reliability and versatility, and economy. The properties of steel are well adapted to these seven requirements of buried pipelines.

The surface treatment of Plate Welded Pipe is galvanized, PVC, black and color painting, or according to clients requirement.

Plate Welded Pipe can be used as construction pipe, machine structure pipe, Agriculture equipment pipe, Water and gas pipe, Greenhouse pipe, Scaffolding pipe, Building material tube, Furniture tube, Low pressure fluid tube, Oil pipe, etc.

SHENGYI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is specialized in manufacturing Plate Welded Steel Pipes. If you are interested in Plate Welded Pipe, please contact us.

this article is published by China manufacturer and supplier of Plate Welded Pipe – SHENGYI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.


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