SHENGYI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. specializing in the most efficient and affordable welding technique to weld and repair thick-walled pipes, without compromising weld quality.

We manufactured Thick Walled Welded Pipes can be used as Construction pipe, machine structure pipe, Agriculture equipment pipe, Water and gas pipe, Greenhouse pipe, Scaffolding pipe, Building material tube, Furniture tube, Low pressure fluid tube, Oil pipe, etc..

Thick Walled Welded Pipes Features

1. Reduced weld volume and shorter welding time.
2. Lower heat input and less residual stresses.
3. Less consumption of filling material and shielding gas.
4. Improved weldment properties.
5. Lower incidence of weld metal defects.

Thick Walled Welded Pipes Surface Treatment

1. 3PE.
2. PVC, black and color painting.
3. Transparent oil, anti-rust oil.
4. According to clients requirement.


China professional manufacturer and supplier of thick walled welded pipes, if you are interested in thick walled welded pipe, please contact us.

this article is published by China Thick Walled Welded Pipe manufacturer – SHENGYI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.


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