Solvent Weld Pipe Advantage

1. High Heat Resistance, corrosion resistance;
2. Heat insulation properties, smooth wall surface to reduce invasion of microbes and other foreign particles;
3. Compliance with the dissolution test, electrical insulation properties;
4. Cold bonding of cement allows simple and economical installation;

when Solvent Welding in High Temperatures:

1. Store solvent cements and primers in a cool or shaded area prior to use.
2. Cool surfaces to be joined by wiping with a damp rag.
3. Make sure that the surface is dry prior to applying solvent cement.
4. Make sure that both surfaces to be joined are still wet with cement when putting them together.
5. Using a primer and a heavier, high-viscosity cement will provide a little more working time.
6. Be aware of possible expansion-contraction movement due to large changes in temperature.

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