Welding Pipes are made of carbon, carbon-manganese, alloy steels or non-ferrous material. The direct connections of Welding Pipes lengths may be made by direct welding, flanges, threaded joints or mechanical joints.

Different Wall Thickness Welding Pipes can be used for Air, vapour, gas (excluding liquefied gas cargo and process piping), water, lubricating oil, fuel oil, hydraulic fluid systems for steering gear, toxic gas and liquids, cargo oil and tank cleaning piping and open ended lines such as drains, overflows, vents and boiler escape pipes.

Welding Pipes Advantages
1. The external diameters and thicknesses have been selected from ISO Recommendations for smooth welded and seamless steel pipes.
2. Diameter and thickness according to other national or international standards may be accepted.
3. Welding Pipes can to be galvanized inside.

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this article is published by China Welding Pipes manufacturer and supplier – Wuxi shengyi industry co., ltd.


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