Carbon steel structure plate welded pipe

The machines and technology for cold-forming of flexible pipe from coils of sheet steel with automated spiral welds. Plate Welded Steel Pipe is available in wide ranges of sizes and properties of the steel.

The requirements of buried flexible Plate Welded Steel Pipe are: strength, ease of installation, high flow capacity, leak resistance, long service life, reliability and versatility, and economy. The properties of steel are well adapted to these seven requirements of buried pipelines.

The surface treatment of Plate Welded Pipe is galvanized, PVC, black and color painting, or according to clients requirement.

Plate Welded Pipe can be used as construction pipe, machine structure pipe, Agriculture equipment pipe, Water and gas pipe, Greenhouse pipe, Scaffolding pipe, Building material tube, Furniture tube, Low pressure fluid tube, Oil pipe, etc.

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Building Material Thick Walled Steel Pipe

With improved metallurgy and welding processes, the benefits of welded products have diminished the use of seamless. Weld Thick Walled Steel Pipes and Tubes have good to excellent corrosion resistance and high quality surface finish characteristics.

The Brief Details of Thick Walled Steel Pipe

Thick Walled Steel Pipe Surface Treatment
1. Galvanized.
2. PVC, black and color painting.
3. Transparent oil, anti-rust oil.
4. According to clients requirement.

Thick Walled Steel Pipe Ends
Plain ends, cutting, threading, beveled, flange, etc.

Thick Walled Steel Pipe Inspection
With Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties Testing; Hydrostatic Test, Dimensional and Visual Inspection, with Nondestructive Inspection.

Thick Walled Steel Pipe Application
Weld Thick Walled Steel Pipes and Tubes are used in demanding applications such as food processing, harmaceutical production, for the conveyance and processing of liquids, gases and semi-solids in solution. Welded tubes and pipes are also ideally suitable for applications within the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy, pulp & paper industries etc.

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Thermal Expansion Steel Pipes

Thermal Expansion Steel Pipes Brief Details

Standard: API5L, API5CT, ASTM53, EN10217, DIN2458.IS3589, GB/T3091, GB/T9711
Surface treatment: epoxy coating, coal tar epoxy, 3pe, vanish coating, bitumen coating, black coating or as per cistomer’s requirement.
Ends: Plain ends, cutting, threading, beveled, flange, etc.
Test: Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties( Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength , Elongation), Technical Properties( Flattening Test, Bending Test, Blow Test, Impact Test), Exterior inspection, Hydrostatic Test, X-ray Test, X-ray Test.

Thermal Expansion Steel Pipes Application

The range of application for the Thermal Expansion Steel Pipes produced by us are mainly used in structure, electric power transmission projects, water, oil & gas pipeline engineering, mechanical industry, municipal projects, piling, roads and its auxiliary facilities.

Thermal Expansion Steel Pipes

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Welded Rectangular Pipe For Construction Materials

The Rectangular Steel Tube is the hollow section steel, which is based on the hot rolled or cold rolled after cold bending and made by high frequency welding square section shape, or called galvanize square tube, it made by hot dip processing after cold bending of the hollow steel tube, also known as refrigeration bending steel profiles.

Welded Rectangular Pipe Application

Due to the Welded Rectangular Pipe is handled by the square tube with zinc coating. So the application is widely spread.
Welded Rectangular Pipe mainly used in curtain wall, construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction, shipbuilding, solar bracket, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, automobile chassis, airport, etc.
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